Welcome to BattleAthletess.com!!!

My name is Jacob, and I've been a huge fan of Battle Athletes since around 1998-1999. I created this site partially as a hub for the growing number of Battle Athletes projects I had created, but also because I couldn't help but notice a lack of fan sites for the series. For a franchise that has been around for over fifteen years, I was surprised at the lack of information that was available. While there is information out there on the Internet, it is scattered on several out-of-date websites: one site might cover the CDs while another mentions the radio plays. Merchandise information seemed virtually non-existent.

Unlike many other shows, I found no detailed information sites. No shrines. Not even Wikipedia's entry contains much information on this series, despite it's long history. So hopefully this will fill the gap.

These sites are far from complete. There are still items to add to the Merchandise Guide and there is still a lot of information that is missing for some items. The Character Shrine isn't up yet while I pour over the files to double check accuracy. And The Doujinshi Project is something that's in the works, but I'm not close enough with it to talk about yet (it's a surprise!).

But it will get there. While it may not be perfect, there's a lot of information on these sites I have not seen elsewhere. What I did find I had to dig long and hard in the dark corners of the Internet.

I welcome any help fans can provide, whether it's information, corrections, or missing images. The point of this site is to celebrate our beloved show and give new fans a reference point when they seek out information.

So please enjoy, and check back every once in a while as I'll be adding things when I can.


This is a non-profit fan site meant to spread information, love, and admiration for this wonderfully underrated series. Battle Athletes is owned by AIC and their respective partners. I made this site because I really really loved your show, even after all these years, so please don't sue because I used an image or two to help advertise your product! This site is best viewed in Firefox and designed for 1024x768 and higher resolution.