Anna Respighi

Ah, sweet adorable, screwed up Anna! What would the series be like without her! My first experience with Anna happened to be my first experience with the series, through the second OVA VHS tape. My first exposure to the characters involved a very shocked Akari and a very confused Anna as her secret was discovered. Not exactly the best episode to get hooked on the series, especially considering where the story plops you into.

But regardless of which Anna, whether OVA or TV, one thing is certain: Anna's a sweet character who may seem weak at first, but even surprises the best of athletes. She's always optimistic and cheerful, regardless of the situation. She reminds me in a way of Ami-chan from Sailor Moon, so that makes her okay in my book. ^__^

Click on the cel image below for a bigger, uncut version of the cel, plus my comments on why I liked the cel and other info.