Ichino Yanagida

ITCHAN! Okay, in case you aren't a member of the discussion list or have never talked to me, there are three characters that will always be the focus of my obsession: Ami-chan from "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon," Blink from the "X-Men" storylines (and "Exiles"), and Ichino from "Battle Athletes." This is all you need to know. This is all that is important in life. ^__^

Itchan is my absolute favorite character in the series. Akari comes a very close second, but no one can be better than my gal from Osaka. Do I even need to explain why she's great? I mean, just watch her! It's obvious! ^__^

Seriously though, Ichino is just so likable to me. Despite her quick temper with Akari, Itchan has shown time and time again her dedication not only to the competition but also to her friends. She has a wide range of characteristics unlike some of the other characters, and gets plenty of opportunities to show them off. I really can relate to Itchan more than any other character (well, besides Akari).

Click on the cel image below for a bigger, uncut version of the cel, plus my comments on why I liked the cel and other info.