Kris Christopher

Kris is one of those characters that probably should be one of my favorites, but isn't. It isn't that I don't like her; on the contrary, I think she's a great character and provides some of the better moments in the series, whether they be comedic or dramatic. But for some reason I haven't connected with her like others have or like I have with Akari or Ichino.

Regardless, she's still a nifty character. I like how she says exactly what she thinks and tries to always keep Akari's spirits (heh) up. The way she reacts to things foreign to her as well, such as Anna's shoujo manga or cookies, shows how naive to the world Kris can be, despite her confidence and attitude towards things.

Click on the cel image below for a bigger, uncut version of the cel, plus my comments on why I liked the cel and other info.