My Want List

Below is a list of the types of cels or merchandise I'm looking for. If you happen to have something you think I might be interested in please drop me a line.

If there's a cel or piece of merchandise I'm selling in my Bonanzle store that you want I'm perfectly okay with trades. Just let me know and we can work out the details.

On cels you can pretty much tell what kind I'm looking for by looking at whatever I already own. Generally I like cels that feature a character centered with their eyes open and a normal pose, as well as taking up a good portion of the space (I don't like cels that feature the characters far away so they're small). However I also like unique cels, especially if they're from a particularly important scene or moment in a show. If have something unique you want to offer let me know and I might take it off your hands!

At the moment I'm more inclined to trade because of financial issues but if I want a cel bad enough I'll find the money somewhere, so don't let that stop you from offering!


Battle Athletes
  • Anything from the ending credit sequence of the last episode (the part that was cut out of the US release... Thanks, Pioneer! *grumble*)
  • Any character wearing warpaint from the "Woong-A-Ji" episode
  • Cels with backgrounds

  • In her Cosmo Beauty outfit facing forward
  • A good shot of her riding the bike during the Bike Hard episode
  • Either Akari in her "Akari's House" box or even a cel of the Akari box itself
  • Akari as a little kid

  • A good shot of her with her cast after she broke her leg

  • Priestess Kris from the OAV series; the last episode
  • Kris as a little kid

  • Priestess Kris from the OAV series; the last episode
  • Kris as a little kid
  • Kris on her cow

  • A regular looking cel of OAV Anna
  • A rgular looking cel of TV Anna (I need to replace the one that got damaged!)
  • Anna with her sister

  • A normal cel of Ayla

  • Her in her Woong-A-Ji wardrobe

  • Ling-Pha in her pink wig
  • Regular cel of Ling-Pha

  • A normal cel of OAV Mylandah
  • A normal cel of TV Mylandah

    Other Characters:
  • Crazy Tomoe (need to replace the one that got damaged ;_;)
  • Ling-Pha's ninjas
  • Any of the Nerilians from the last episodes
  • A normal Mr. Miracle cel
  • A normal Eric cel
  • A normal Yumika (the school nurse) cel
  • A normal Sergei cel
  • A normal Ichimatsu (Itchan's brother) cel
  • Any obscure character I don't already have (such as the priest Jessie knows)
  • Anything else that might be interesting: Ling-Pha's balloon, group interaction, etc.

    Ranma 1/2
  • Any character

    Urusei Yatsura
  • Any character

    Project A-Ko
  • Any character


    Battle Athletes
  • I have a LOT of merchandise already, but I'm looking for anything I don't own. I'll post a list of the stuff I do have eventually. One thing that has alluded me is an University Satellite patch I saw on eBay years ago.
  • I still need to finish my Battle Athletes trading card collection. I only need a few. I don't have a list handy but if you have extras let me know and I'll dig the cards out to check.
  • Battle Athletes model kits. I see them all the time but I've never had the $70+ to buy them. These aren't high priority.