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Battle Athletess Perfect Collection Art Book



When this calls itself the perfect collection, it isn't kidding.

This has a ton of stuff in it. A ton. First, artwork. Soooooo much artwork. In fact, a lot of the wallpapers floating around the Internet look to have come from this book. There are full page color illustrations throughout a good chunk of it. If that's not enough for you, there's a couple of pages devoted to chibi-versions of the characters! If you're looking for screenshots or sketches, those are in here, too. And if you're looking for a little fan service to hang up on your wall, there's a big poster of Akari.

There is a black-and-white section of the book, with sketches, voice actress pictures and bios, and several pages of text that I'm not exactly sure what they are, but could be pages from a script.

There's even a section covering the Battle Athletes portion of the AIC website, although I'm sure by now that information is long gone.

The highlight of the book for me, though, is the collectibles section. This book has an entire section covering exactly what I've made this site for: knowing what merchandise is out there! It isn't complete (I'm sure more stuff came out after this was published), but it's still a big help for collectors. In fact, there's a lot listed I didn't know existed. Don't be surprised to see scans from the book pop up on here soon.

Some other information on the book includes:

Made By: Gakken
Page Count: 97 Pages
Year: May 15, 1998
Yen Price: 1,200

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