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Battle Athletess Daiundoukai Character Design & Sketch Book



I love this art book! Awhile back I found these instock at the Animaxis website (which is sadly gone now). Here was an art book I had never seen before, and brand new, too! It features a few pages in full color, but mostly it's extremely thin paper with black-and-white images on them. There's pratically no text at all in the book, and features 246 pages full of character, vehicle, building, and background designs. It covers several episodes of the show, from main characters to obscure ones. It is an incredible book if you don't need all the fluff and filler that usually comes in art books, and want exactly what it advertises.

Some other information on the book includes:

Made By: AIC
Page Count: 246 Pages
Year: June 26, 1998
Yen Price: 1,500

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