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Hokkai Bojou ("Longing for the Northern Sea")
Japanese Drama CD



This drama CD was released before the OVA series, so it follows the game series' storyline. While it is a drama CD, it also features music and background music, although it's unclear if the music was used in the games or not. One last note: Track #12 ("Dream is Up to the Others" is worth listening to just to hear Akari rapping!

Track #1: "Sanka-Shou wa Iranai" ("I Don't Want a Price for Participation") sung by Rio Natsuki (Akari's voice actress)* (4:14)
Track #2: "Jessie Toujou" ("Jessie Appears")+ (0:46)
Track #3: "Huge Medley #1"+ (5:08)
Track #4: "Kaisou Shiin" ("Flashback")+ (1:21)
Track #5: "CD Drama Eps. 1: Akari to Ichino no Mooretsu Shigoki Kyoushitsu" ("CD Drama Eps. 1: Akari & Ichino's Spartan Training Course") (8:47)
Track #6: "Training Medley"+ (4:50)
Track #7: "Rocket-Mae" ("In Front of the Rocket")+ (1:02)
Track #8: "Tokubetsu Yakan Shinryou" ("Special Night Medical Treatment") sung by Ai Orikasa (Yumiko Karashima's voice actress)* (5:23)
Track #9: "Run, Akari, Run"+ (6:00)
Track #10: "CD Drama Eps. 2: Gokuhi Shuuroku, Kindan no Maruhi Kokuhaku Siriiu "Himitsu no Hanazono"" ("CD Drama Eps. 2: Secret Regarding, Series of Forbidden Confessions "Secret Garden") (15:42)
Track #11: "Hoshi no Kagayaku Yoru ni" ("In the Starry Night")+ (2:43)
Track #12: "Yume wa Tariki-Hongan" ("Dream is Up to the Others") sung by Rio Natsuki with Kouji Nakata (Akari & Grant Oldman's voice actors)* (3:05)
Track #13: "Jessie to Akari" ("Jessie and Akari")+ (0:59)
Track #14: "CD Drama Eps. 3: Headphone de Otanoshimi Kudasai" (CD Drama Eps. 3: Please Enjoy with a Headphone") (9:20)

*Tracks marked with "*" are musical tracks.
+Tracks marked with "+" are background music (instrumental with no singing).
All other tracks are spoken.

Many thanks to Studio Neko-Han-Ten Anime/Manga CD Guide a lot of this information! Way to be awesome!

Some other information on the CD includes:

Length: 69 minutes 28 seconds
Made By: Pioneer (CD No.: Pioneer LDC PICA-1125)
Year: January 29, 1997
Yen Price: 2,913

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