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TV Soundtrack: Hop
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3-CD Box Set - Outside

3-CD Box Set - Inside

There were a series of three soundtracks released for the TV series: "Hop", "Step", and "Jump". Like the OVA soundtracks, these contain instrumental background music and image songs. "Hop" contains mostly background music with some image songs, but no drama tracks at all.

While the other CDs came in normal cases, "Hop" was different: it came as a box set, with the "Hop" CD and two spots for the "Step" and "Jump" disks. It also came with a booklet, which sadly was something the other two CDs did not have (but they had some really cool stuff to make up for it). The booklet talked about various merchandise, such as the comics, novels, LDs, etc., character info, creator info, artwork, and what appears to be lyrics for the song "Honey Bee".

Please note that I do not know if every copy of "Hop" came as a box set or if I simply have a special edition. It's possible there could be "Hop" copies that are the normal CD cases.


Track #1: "Battle Athletess" (2:32)
Track #2: "Tsubasa (On-Air Version)" ("Wing (On-Air Version)") sung by Yukari Asakura* (1:37)
Track #3: "Namida-Iro no Sora Niwa... (Akari no Teema)" ("In the Tear-Colored Sky... (Theme of Akari)" sung by Rio Natsuki (Akari's voice actress)* (1:37)
Track #4: "Road Pursuit" (1:44)
Track #5: "Gooru Shinakerya Imi Nai ne" ("There's No Point Unless You Goal") (1:27)
Track #6: "Rehumanise Yourself" (1:47)
Track #7: "Shitsubou no Adagio" ("Adagio of Despair") (1:39)
Track #8: "Saikai wa Gen no Kanata de" ("See You Again at the Other Side of the Tape") (2:23)
Track #9: "Akari - Waltz - Odoru" ("Akari - Waltz - Dance") (2:04)
Track #10: "Kumo no Kayoiji, Shiki no Utsuri Toki" ("A Path for Winds, Time When Seasons Change") (2:17)
Track #11: "Honey Bee "Half Size"" sung by Jamic Spoon* (2:11)
Track #12: "Akari no Heiwa na Hibi" ("Peaceful Days of Akari") (2:08)
Track #13: "Shisen, Kanton, Pekin de STOMP" ("Stomp with Sichuan, Canton and Peking") (1:27)
Track #14: "Battle Program X" (1:52)
Track #15: "Ngaji no Teema" ("Theme of Ngaji" - Tanya Theme) (2:19)
Track #16: "Koi wa Rabu-Rabu-Korede Iinoka, Ueda-san-" ("Love is Wonderful - Is This Satisfactory, Ueda-san?-") sung by Rio Natsuki, Aya Hisakawa, Aya Sakaguchi, Miki Itou, Youko Soumi, and Taeko Kawata (Akari, Ichino, Tanya, Jessie, Ayla, and Ling-Pha's voice actresses)* (8:28)
Track #17: "Midou Tomoe no Teema" ("Theme of Midou Tomoe") (1:40)
Track #18: "Hatsurarsu Exercise" ("Lively Exercise") (1:59)
Track #19: "Sokoku no Eikou" ("Glory of My Country") (1:35)
Track #20: "WANA WANNA?" (2:03)
Track #21: "Wate ga Naniwa no Ichino Dasu" ("I'm Ichino from Naniwa") (1:11)
Track #22: "Akari no Teema" ("Theme of Akari") (2:42)

*Tracks marked with "*" are songs (with vocals), while everything else on the CD is instrumental background music.

Many thanks to Studio Neko-Han-Ten Anime/Manga CD Guide a lot of this information! Way to be awesome!

Some other information on the CD includes:

Length: 52 minutes 20 seconds
Made By: Pioneer (CD No: Pioneer LDC PICA-1155)
Year: November 26, 1997
Yen Price: 3,000

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