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TV Soundtrack: Jump
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There were a series of three soundtracks released for the TV series: "Hop", "Step", and "Jump". Like the OVA soundtracks, these contain instrumental background music and image songs. "Jump" contains mostly background music that was not in the "Hop" CD, plus songs. It contains no drama tracks.

Like with the "Step" album, there is no scan of the back of the CD case because there is no artwork for the back. It's simply see through, so you would see the disk. I suspect this was done with the anticipation these would be removed and put into the "Hop" box set case.

And, like with "Step", it doesn't come with much of a booklet. It does, however, come with a stiff piece of cardboard that folds out, containing song lyrics and, oddly enough, food-themed artwork. On the side with the big piece of artwork is printed in English "Battle Athletess Daiundokai Nelyly Queen Cup Chiki-Chiki Yaminabe Race (Oi! Oi! Akaruijya Naika!)". It also says "Actors and Actress in a supporting role: Andou & Eric Roberts, Yumika Karashima, Grant Oldman, Tomoe Mido, Mr. Miracle, Nelyly Queen, Marshall, Ayla Veferascca and Tanya Natadhipytadd". And Tomoe looks absolutely adorable on the artwork!

Inside the cardboard is a thin piece of brownish paper. The flyer looks like an advertisement, but I suspect it's a mock ad for one of Ling-Pha's money making schemes. Please note I DO NOT KNOW THIS FOR A FACT AND I'M JUST SPECULATING. But considering the other CD had something special and this was packaged like it was special, that's my guess. Another possibility is that it's related to the "Chiki-Chiki Yaminabe Race" thing listed on the cardboard insert.


Track #1: "Dear My Friends" (2:05)
Track #2: "Daigaku Eisei" ("The University Satellite") (1:32)
Track #3: "Mirai e no Michi" ("Road to the Future") (1:55)
Track #4: "Miracle Love" sung by Akemi Okamura (Mylandah's voice actress)* (4:06)
Track #5: "Slum Spiritual Song" (3:38)
Track #6: "Raid Neriri" (2:58)
Track #7: "Rumieel" (2:35)
Track #8: "Beyond the Universe" (3:17)
Track #9: "Karimba Session with Ngaji Tomo no Kai" ("Karimba Session with Friends of Ngaji") (2:32)
Track #10: "Technocrat Suspage" (3:20)
Track #11: "Tairiku no Kaze wa Higashi no Kuni e Fuku" ("The Wind of Continet [Continent?] Blows Toward Eastern Country") (1:31)
Track #12: "Stare-Miatos ni Tatazumu" ("STanding Still at Stare-Miatos") (2:38)
Track #13: "Europaskin Course" (2:46)
Track #14: "Aiga Are Ba Ii..." ("All I Want is Love...") sung by Youko Soumi,Aya Sakaguchi, and Taeko Kawata (Ayla, Tanya, and Ling-Pha's voice actresses)* (4:06)
Track #15: "Isshoukenmei Yattemachu" ("I'm Doing My Best") (1:51)
Track #16: "Ondo Of Uchuu" ("Dance Music for Universe") (2:03)
Track #17: "Mr. Miracle no Teema" ("Theme of Mr. Miracle") (1:13)
Track #18: "Kouchou-Sensei no Tame no Prologue" ("Prologue for the Master") (1:31)
Track #19: "Three Dog Fight" (4:57)
Track #20: "Exit Program" (3:40)
Track #21: "Getsumen Beginners / See You, Akari" ("Beginners on the Moon / See You, Akari") (3:48)
Track #22: "Yuuyake -- Tsubasa" ("Sunset -- Wings") sung by Yukari Asakura (7:00)

*Tracks marked with "*" are songs (with vocals), while everything else on the CD is a drama track.

Many thanks to Studio Neko-Han-Ten Anime/Manga CD Guide a lot of this information! Way to be awesome!

Some other information on the CD includes:

Length: 65 minutes 41 seconds
Made By: Pioneer (CD No: Pioneer LDC PICA-1157)
Year: March 25, 1998
Yen Price: 2,913

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