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OVA Soundtrack Volume 01
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There were several soundtracks released for the OVA series, featuring background music, songs, and drama tracks. Although this one does have drama tracks and songs, it's primarily instrumental.

The booklet has a lot of nice artwork (including some colored pencil drawings), image song information, and interviews with the cast (as well as photos of the characters' voice actors).

Track #1: "Prologue #1" (1:25)
Track #2: "Prologue #2" (1:15)
Track #3: "Prolgoue #3" (1:55)
Track #4: "Prologue #4" (0:40)
Track #5: "Daiundoukai no Teema" ("Theme of Daiundoukai") (1:35)
Track #6: "CD Drama: Daiundoukai Bangaihen Sono-ichi Ofuroba de Dokkiri no Maki" ("CD Drama: Battle Athletess Extra Vol. 1: Surprise in the Bath")+ (4:57)
Track #7: "Akari no Teema Ver. 1" ("Theme of Akari Ver. 1") (3:24)
Track #8: "Kitai to Kibou no Daigakueisei" ("University Satellite of Expectation and Hope") (2:30)
Track #9: "Nyuugakushiki no Koufun to Kinchou" ("Excitement and Tension in the Entrance Ceremony") (0:40)
Track #10: "Kouchou Toujou" ("The Master Appears") (2:52)
Track #11: "Akari no Teema Ver. 2" ("Theme of Akari Ver. 2") (3:20)
Track #12: "Yume no Ground" ("The Ground of Dream") (0:45)
Track #13: "CD Drama: Daiundoukai Bangaihen Sono-ni Kouishitsu de Dokkiri no Maki" ("CD Drama: Battle Athletess Extra Vol. 2: Surprise in the Changing Room")+ (5:00)
Track #14: "Choujin-Teki Pawaa" ("Superhuman Power") (2:16)
Track #15: "Haado na Renshuu" ("Hard Training") (3:18)
Track #16: "Fuan to Kiki" ("Unease and Crisis") (1:49)
Track #17: "Koniran to Douyou" ("Confusion and Perturbation") (2:19)
Track #18: "Yuujou to Hokori" ("Friendship and Pride") (1:40)
Track #19: "CD Drama: Daiundoukai Bangaihen Sono-ni Shinshitsu de Dokkiri no Maki" ("CD Drama: Battle Athletess Extra Vol. 3: Surprise in the Bedroom")+ (5:11)
Track #20: "Mune o Harou!" ("Let's Keep Our Head High!") sung by Rio Natsuki (Akari's voice actress)* (3:53)
Track #21: "Nude" sung by Akiko Yajima (Anna's voice actress)* (3:42)
Track #22: "Otomechikku ga Tomara Nai" ("I Can't Stop My Girlishness") sung by Tomoko Kawakami (Kris' voice actress)* (3:50)

*Tracks marked with "*" are vocal songs.
+Tracks marked with "+" are drama tracks, or spoken sketches.
All other tracks are instrumental music.

Many thanks to Studio Neko-Han-Ten Anime/Manga CD Guide a lot of this information! Way to be awesome!

Some other information on the CD includes:

Length: 58 minutes 26 seconds
Made By: Pioneer (CD No.: Pioneer LDC PICA-1141)
Year: June 25, 1997
Yen Price: 2,913

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