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There were several soundtracks released for the OVA series, featuring background music, songs, and drama tracks. This particular volume, which covers mostly episodes four and five of the OVA series, contains instrumental music, a couple of songs, and no drama tracks.

The booklet is simply two pages and not full of awesome stuff like the first CD. It does, however, come with something else that makes up for it: a really neat double-sided poster! One side features Akari and Tomoe, while the other features a Battle Athletes board game! The poster is pretty decent size, as I had to scan each side in four different sections and piece the images together with image editing software.

I know the board game is neat and unique enough that some may want to print out their own. If there's enough interest, I'll upload a larger version of it for everyone.

Track #1: "Buruma no Himegoto" ("Secret of Bloomers") sung by Rio Natsuki (Akari's voice actress)* (3:45)
Track #2: "Kris no Teema" ("Theme of Kris") (1:30)
Track #3: "Biginaazu Towa?" ("What the Beginners?") (1:31)
Track #4: "Battle Racross Kaishi" ("Start Battle Lacross") (2:08)
Track #5: "Yuujou no Kiretsu ("Mune o Harou" Hensoukyoku Ver. 1)" ("A Crack in Friendship [Varation of "Let's Keep Our Heads High" Ver. 1]): (1:53)
Track #6: "Chintsuu to Rakutan ("Mune o Harou" hensoukyoku Ver. 2)" ("Grave and Dejection [Variation of "Let's Keep Our Heads High" Ver. 2]): (1:09)
Track #7: "Kris no Tsuioku" ("Kris' Recollection") (1:38)
Track #8: "Daiundoukai no Teema Ver. 2" ("Theme of Battle Athletess Ver. 2") (2:05)
Track #9: "Haado na Renshuu Ver. 2" ("Hard Training Ver. 2") (2:48)
Track #10: "Chinjiken?" ("An Odd Incident?") (0:53)
Track #11: "Kyodai na ARMS" ("Gigantic ARMS") (1:22)
Track #12: "Chuukan-Shiken Kaishi" ("The Midterm Exam Starts") (2:07)
Track #13: "Semaru Kiki" ("Looming Crisis") (1:30)
Track #14: "Kesshi no Dasshutsu" ("Narrow Escape") (1:34)
Track #15: "Kouchou no Toujou Soshite Kyuushutsu" ("The Master Comes to the Rescue") (0:57)
Track #16: "Ando" ("Relief") (0:49)
Track #17: "Futari no Sharp na Taiketsu" ("Sharp Confrontation of the Two") (0:36)
Track #18: "Gerado no Teema" ("Theme of Gerado") (1:45)
Track #19: "Shinzenjia Kaishi" ("The Friendly Match Begins") (1:05)
Track #20: "Sexy Pose" (0:52)
Track #21: "Haado na Renshuu Ver. 3" ("Hard Training Ver. 3") (0:57)
Track #22: "Tatakai Owatte" ("After the Battle") (0:50)
Track #23: "Daiundoukai no Teema Ver. 3" ("Theme of Battle Athletess Ver. 3") (2:09)
Track #24: "Mune o Harou!" ("Let's Keep Our Heads High) sung by Rio Natsuki (Akari's voice actress)* (3:52)

*Tracks marked with "*" are vocal songs.
All other tracks are instrumental music.

Many thanks to Studio Neko-Han-Ten Anime/Manga CD Guide a lot of this information! Way to be awesome!

Some other information on the CD includes:

Length: 39 minutes 57 seconds
Made By: Pioneer (CD No.: Pioneer LDC PICA-1153)
Year: November 22, 1997
Yen Price: 3,059

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