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[Please note: I do not own this CD yet, but once I do I will post proper scans of the front and back covers, as well as update the below section with any new information I have]

There were several soundtracks released for the OVA series, featuring background music, songs, and drama tracks. This volume focuses on episodes five and six of the OVA series. The first half of the CD covers instrumental background music, while the second half features image songs and drama tracks.

I do have a few notes I should add:

  • According to Studio Neko-Han-Ten, this drama track is about the prehistoric survival of the girls
  • I have Track #14 marked as a song. I don't know if this is the case. It apparently features all of the main cast, but it's also twelve minutes long. It's possible it's a really REALLY long song, but considering the dramas last about this time, it could be a drama, too
  • Also on Track #14: Studio Neko-Han-Ten has something listed in caps as "IKIM OTI". I have no idea what or who this is, as the name does not come up in the credits and a Google search brought up nothing relevant
  • Track #15, again according to the wonderful Studio Neko-Han-Ten, is a drama about Anna's experiences at the other school and the culture shock she experiences with her two roommates. According to Studio Neko-Han-Ten, the title is a parody of a famous comic called "Sakigake! Otoko-Juku!!"

Track #1: "Asu e no Michi Ver. 1" ("Road to Tomorrow Ver. 1") (1:47)
Track #2: "Second Battle" (2:25)
Track #3: "Rival" (1:02)
Track #4: "Miranda no Kyouki Ver. 1" ("Miranda's Madness Ver. 1") (0:51)
Track #5: "Akari to Tomoe" ("Akari and Tomoe") (1:11)
Track #6: "Miranda no Kyouki Ver. 2" ("Miranda's Madness Ver. 2") (0:44)
Track #7: "Aratanal Ketsui" ("New Resolution") (0:28)
Track #8: "Akari no Moshin" ("Akari's Dash") (0:33)
Track #9: "Cosmo Beauty no Tanjou" ("Cosmo Beauty is Born") (0:41)
Track #10: "Wakare" ("Parting") (1:13)
Track #11: "Asu e no Michi Ver. 2" ("Road to Tomorrow Ver. 2") (2:36)
Track #12: "Daiundoukai Densetsu-Ryakushite Daiden-1" ("Legend of Daiundoukai 1") sung by Tomoko Kawakami & Akiko Yajima (Kris' and Anna's voice actresses)* (0:48)
Track #13: "Hajime Ningen Akari-chan" ("Ancient Human Akari-chan")+ (14:37)
Track #14: "Ai mo Rabu-Rabu 5000 - Ato wa Yoroshiku Kudou-san" ("Love is Love 5000 - I'll Leave the Rest to You, Kudou-san")* (12:06)
Track #15: "Sakigake! Otoko-Gumi!!" ("Pioneer! Men's Class!!")+ (14:58)
Track #16: "Daiundoukai Densetsu-Ryakushite Daiden-2" ("Legend of Daiundoukai 2") sung by Tomoko Kawakami & Akiko Yajima (Kris' and Anna's voice actresses)* (0:51)

*Tracks marked with "*" are vocal songs.
+Tracks marked with "+" are drama tracks, or spoken sketches.
All other tracks are instrumental music.

Many thanks to Studio Neko-Han-Ten Anime/Manga CD Guide a lot of this information! Way to be awesome!

Some other information on the CD includes:

Length: 56 minutes 59 seconds
Made By: Pioneer (CD No.: Pioneer LDC PICA-1169)
Year: July 22, 1998
Yen Price: 2,913

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