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This CD features a series of drama sketches that were broadcast on the radio. This CD contains two extra tracks ("The Moon and a Soft-Shelled Turtle" and "Shall We Take a Night Walk?").

The booklet contains several cute manga-style drawings, most of which relate to the story in each track. There is also a six page manga story, featuring Jessie and Akari (Jessie decides to try out the Akari House!).


Track #1: Tsuki to Suppon ("The Moon and a Soft-Shelled Turtle") sung by Tomoko Kawakami and Aya Hisakawa (Kris and Ichino's voice actresses)* (3:52)
Track #2: Jingi Naki Takoyaki ("Takoyaki Without Morale") (6:59)
Track #3: "Himawari" ("Sunflower") (8:31)
Track #4: "Kita Kara Kita on'na" ("A Woman From the North") (7:35)
Track #5: "Shiri o Tore" ("Catch the End") (6:49)
Track #6: "Fuuyuu Aru ("It's Tasteful") (8:05)
Track #7: "Dochhi da?" ("Which?") (7:00)
Track #8: "Futari no Jessie" ("Two Jessie") (5:55)
Track #9: "Yoru no Sanpo o Shimasenka" ("Shall We Take a Night Walk?") (18:11)

*Tracks marked with "*" are musical tracks, while those without it are comedy sketches.

Many thanks to Studio Neko-Han-Ten Anime/Manga CD Guide a lot of this information! Way to be awesome!

Some other information on the CD includes:

Length: 72 minutes 57 seconds
Made By: Pioneer (CD No.: Pioneer LDC PICA-1172)
Year: August 26, 1998
Yen Price: 2,500

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