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TV Series: Tsubasa
Japanese CD Single



This CD single features the TV series opening song, as well as another track by Yukari Asakura. This version of "Tsubasa" seems to be much longer than versions on other CDs. The CD is also, by the way, adorably tiny.


Track #1: "Tsubasa" ("Wings") sung by Yukari Asakura (4:06)
Track #2: "Yuuyake" ("Sunset") sung by Yukari Asakura (4:36)
Track #3: "Tsubasa" ("Wings") [karaoke version] (4:04)

Many thanks to Studio Neko-Han-Ten Anime/Manga CD Guide a lot of this information! Way to be awesome!

Some other information on the CD includes:

Length: 12 minutes 46 seconds
Made By: Pioneer (CD No: Pioneer LDC KTDR-2185)
Year: November 21, 1997
Yen Price: 971

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