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TV Series: Undoukai no Hi
Japanese CD Single


I don't know much about this CD single, but based on how Studio Neko-Han-Ten describes it, it ain't exactly good. According to the site, this was a cheaply made and poorly performed giveaway. It must be for the game series, since it was partially made by iPC (iPC had a hand in making the console games) and came out in 1996, predating pretty much every other version of Battle Athletes.


Track #1: ""Undoukai no Hi" ("Sports Day") sung by Izumi Hidaka (3:45)
Track #2: "Undoukai no Hi" ("Sports Day") [karaoke version] (3:45)

Many thanks to Studio Neko-Han-Ten Anime/Manga CD Guide a lot of this information! Way to be awesome!

Some other information on the CD includes:

Length: 7 minutes 34 seconds
Made By: AIC / iPC
Year: 1996
Yen Price: Not for Sale

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