Battle Athletess Daiundokai TV Episodes 24 - 26
Japanese DVD Release


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Released by Pioneer in 1999, this is a full 26-episode TV series featuring two main story arcs: the first half focuses on Akari's attempts to train in Antartica for the right to go to the University Sattelite, and the second half is her atempt and challenges to become Cosmo Beauty on the sattelite. Unlike the OVA, this series is much more comedic and has several yuri undertones to it. It also changes many of the characters' personalities: Akari starts off as a terrible whiny athlete with no confidence; Jessie hates Akari; Grant isn't the pervert he is in the OVA. It also has a lot more time to flesh out the characters' back stories, and there is quite a bit more drama. Also, there is a cow. In space.

This is the last volume of the Japanese release of the anime. It's the only copy I remember ever seeing pop up on eBay, although I'm sure it can be tracked down through various Japanese sites (it shouldn't be rare). I pounced on this for one big reason: it has the original credits that show what happened to the girls after the last episode, which Pioneer unfortunately cut from the North American release.

One of the neat things about this DVD is that it contains the English dub!

This DVD contains the following:

  • Episode 24: Minzoku no saiten
  • Episode 25: Kami yo nake! Neriri seijin no hidoi wana
  • Episode 26: Gru in!

Thanks to IMDB for the Japanese episode titles.

Some other information on this DVD includes:

Released By: Pioneer (PIBA-7018)
Episode Count: 3
Run Time: 75 Minutes
Year: 1998
Yen Price: 5,800

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