OVA Vol. 03
North American DVD Release


Released by Pioneer in 1998 and 1999, this is a six part anime released straight to video in Japan. Released prior to the TV show, it focuses on Akari's attempts to become the Cosmo Beauty. While it still has its comedic moments, the OVA is not quite as silly as the TV series. Akari is also much more capable than in the TV series.

Each DVD only has two episodes, although they do come with some extras. It contains both Japanese and English audio, although unfortunately from what I remember the English dub takes quite a few liberties with the translation (a particularly bad and out of character line from Akari in Episode One jumps to mind). The Battle Athletes and Battle Atheltes Victory DVDs also have the distinction of being part of the first anime DVDs to ever drop from the normally high $25-30 price range to $15 each. It was quite a big deal when it happened, and no doubt helped introduce a lot of fans to the show.

Some copies also came with a bonus sticker, which you can find here.

This DVD contains the following:

  • Mission 5: Objective TEnsion
  • Mission 6: Stage Yonder
  • Character Line Drawings

Some other information on this DVD includes:

Released By: Pioneer
Episode Count: 2
Run Time: 60 Minutes
Year: February 9, 1999
Retail Price: $14.98

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