TV Vol. 05
North American DVD Release


Released by Pioneer in 1999, this is a full 26-episode TV series featuring two main story arcs: the first half focuses on Akari's attempts to train in Antartica for the right to go to the University Sattelite, and the second half is her atempt and challenges to become Cosmo Beauty on the sattelite. Unlike the OVA, this series is much more comedic and has several yuri undertones to it. It also changes many of the characters' personalities: Akari starts off as a terrible whiny athlete with no confidence; Jessie hates Akari; Grant isn't the pervert he is in the OVA. It also has a lot more time to flesh out the characters' back stories, and there is quite a bit more drama. Also, there is a cow. In space.

Each DVD has three episodes (except for Vol. 1 and Vol. 8, which both have four episodes) and have no extras. It contains both Japanese and English audio, although unfortunately from what I remember the English dub takes quite a few liberties with the translation. The Battle Athletes and Battle Atheltes Victory DVDs also have the distinction of being part of the first anime DVDs to ever drop from the normally high $25-30 price range to $15 each. It was quite a big deal when it happened, and no doubt helped introduce a lot of fans to the show.

The DVDs also came in white cases, although for some reason my Vol. 5 & 6 are in black (this could indicate if it's a first print run containing stickers or not. I know I didn't get all of the stickers with the DVDs, although I did with most [certainly some of the white case DVDs]. However this is only a guess).

An important (and annoying) thing to note about the DVD releases is how they handled opening and ending credits and the eye catches. The first episode of each disk contains the opening credits but no ending credits. Any episodes after that have no opening or ending credits except for the last episode on the disk, which only has the ending credits. And no episodes contain any eyecatches at all. Basically the episodes flow into each other and it's like watching a movie. Why Pioneer did this, I don't know, but it seems almost inexcusable compared to how most anime is released (even back then). There was also a special cut on Vol. 8, which will be discussed in detail on its entry.

Some copies also came with a bonus sticker, which you can find here.

This DVD contains the following:

  • Episode 14: There Go the New Three!
  • Episode 16: Light
  • Episode 16: Shadows

Some other information on this DVD includes:

Disk Title: No Looking Back
Released By: Pioneer
Episode Count: 3
Run Time: 65 Minutes
Year: September 14, 1999
Retail Price: $14.98

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