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Battle Athletess Akari Kanzaki (OVA) 1:6 Scale Skynet #03
Display Figure


Figure - Close-Up

Box - Front

Box - Back

This is a really cool display figure that pops up on eBay from time to time. Produced by Skynet in (I believe) 1998, it features Akari in her school uniform. It also comes with a display for her to sit on that has her name on it, which is a nice touch. The figure itself is 1:6 scale PVC and looks very nice. She stays on the stand by sticking a metal tube she comes with through a hole in her foot, which then goes into a hole in the stand.

The box says this is "Figure Mate Sereis No. 3", although I'm not sure if this series are all Battle Athletes figures or different characters from different series.

I have noticed someone selling these on eBay, but oddly enough the pictures don't match: one picture in the listing shows what you see above, with Akari in the box. The other picture, which is of the figure itself, is close to the first picture I have here but it's slightly different. You can find more on this figure (and a picture) by clicking here.

Some other information on the figure includes:

Made By: Skynet
Scale: 1:6
Year: 1998 (Unconfirmed)
Yen Price: 800 (Unconfirmed)

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