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Battle Athletess Daiundoukai Akari Kanzaki (Competition Uniform) Series No. 05
Active Styling Figure


Figure - Posed

Unlike most of the Battle Athletes figures, this one is different in that you can actually pose it. It has various points of articulation so you can put it in any position you like.

I personally don't care of posable figures because I think the joints make them look ugly, but ignoring that the figure is incredibly well done. This is another one made by Kotobukiya, who had a hand in a few of the Battle Athletes figure lines.

I'm not sure exactly how many are in this series or who, other than at least another Akari.

Some other information on the figure includes:

Made By: Kotobukiya
Scale: --
Year: 1997
Yen Price: 800 (Unconfirmed)

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