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AIC Heroine Collection: Akari Kanzaki (Solid Hair)
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After several years of a merchandise drought, AIC threw us a bone.

In 2006 AIC released a special collection of small figures based on their popular female characters. Fortunately for us, Akari made the cut! There were two versions of each figure released: one with solid hair and one with semi-transparent hair.

This version is with the solid hair look. The picture shown, which is from the box (I didn't put mine together, so can't take a photo of it), shows her sleeve to be blank. Actually, the sleeve has one of the school logos / patches painted on it (you can see this in the picture of the figure with the semi-transparent hair).

Prices on this were around $10-15. As of this writingone keeps popping up for around $35, but it should not be so rare to go for such a price, especially when $10 ones continue to show up from time to time.

Some other information on the figure includes:

Made By: Atelier-Sai
Scale: --
Year: 2006
Yen Price: 840

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