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Battle Athletess Akari Kanzaki (OVA) 1:6 Scale Skynet Knockoff (?)
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So this is an interesting little puzzle.

I found this photo while looking at an eBay listing for the Skynet #03 figure, which is the first one listed in the "Figures" section. It looks nearly identitcal, but something caught my eye: there was no name on the base.

I originally thought that perhaps it peeled off. Even the seller, who bought several from a Japanese store closing down, noted that many of the figures were cheaply glued together and coming apart. However, I noticed something else unusual: Akari's feet are positioned differently.

On the first figure they lay flat on the base and her legs are together. On this picture, the legs are seperated and one foot is slightly raised. Also, the base plate (which, again, is missing the name) is much smaller.

So is this is a knock off? An illusion of the angle of the camera of the first figure (I can confirm no. My figure has her legs together, and other Skynet figures on Yahoo!Japan show the same thing)? A different base plate used by the seller for the picture? I have no idea. The box they displayed in their auction is for the correct figure, but this picture was mixed in. I considered that maybe it was a promotional picture of the figure before it was finalized, but the backdrop suggests to me that the seller took this herself. Which, if that's the case, this figure does indeed exist.

But if it's not a knock off, why would there be a figure almost identical to another one with barely noticeable changes?

Some other information on the figure includes:

Made By: --
Scale: 1:6
Year: --
Yen Price: --

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