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Battle Athletess Daiundoukai Perfect Guide (Sega Saturn Magazine) Sega Saturn Guide



This is one of two guides for the Sega Saturn game, both calling themselves the "Perfect Guide". Neither are really more important than the other, as they both focus on different kinds of content.

This version, which was released through Sega Saturn Magazine, is larger than the other one and seems to focus less on the gameplay as it does on everything else. While it DOES cover things about getting through the game, it is overloaded with art from the game series. There's a huge section called "Diary" which seems to detail an entry each day in Akari's diary. I assume this is following the game storyline, as each entry is accompanied by artwork that appears to be storyline-specific.

Other than that, it's the typical stuff you find in these books, such as voice actress interviews and character bios. The game art alone makes it worth getting, though.

Some other information on the book includes:

Made By: Soft Bank
Page Count: 96 Pages
Year: December 20, 1996
Yen Price: 1,600

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