Battle Athletess Daiundokai OVA MOVIC
Japanese Laserdisk Box

Box - Front

Box - Back

Inside Tray - Front

Inside Tray - Back


Example of Size Comparison of LD vs DVD

In case you're too young to remember it, this is what was once known as a laserdisk. The predesessor to DVDs, these massive disks never really made it in North America but seemed to hang on for a while in Japan. You can see the difference in size in the last picture above.

Battle Athletes made it to this format. While there was a box that came with an edition of Mission 3, MOVIC also saw fit to release their own LD box for the entire OVA series. It's a nice sturdy box with a pull out slot that holds the LDs.

The tray has grey blank rectangles, which are meant to label the LDs. Inside is a sheet of labels for this section, with the first two already filled out by MOVIC.

This probably should be listed in the Merchandise section, but since it's specifically for LDs I felt it was best to leave it here.

Some other information on this LD includes:

Released By: MOVIC
Year: August 1997
Retail Price: 1,400

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