Battle Athletess Daiundokai TV Track 7
Japanese Laserdisk



Example of Size Comparison of LD vs DVD

In case you're too young to remember it, this is what was once known as a laserdisk. The predesessor to DVDs, these massive disks never really made it in North America but seemed to hang on for a while in Japan. You can see the difference in size in the last picture above.

Battle Athletes made it to this format. With only 30 minutes worth of space on each side using the CAV disks, there was one episode on either side of the disk. And as if buying something with only a couple of episodes was bad enough, they sold it at a whopping 5,500 (that would be roughly $55 around the time this was released and would be $70 as of this writing) per disk!

While it's probably not worth tracking down an LD player when you have wonderful DVD copies, these are still nice to collect. They're large wtih nice art and you can do what I do: hang them in small poster frames on the wall with the disk partially sticking out. They make nice decorations!

This LD contains Episodes 13 & 14. While there was the regular edition, a version with a box was also released. You can find more information on it in the LD section.

Please note the product shown above is from the LD that came with a box. While it should be nearly identical, some information printed on it is different (such as the LD number).

Thanks to LaserDisc Database for help with some of this information.

Some other information on this LD includes:

Released By: Pioneer (LD No: PILA-7097)
Disk Type: CAV
Episode Count: 2
Run Time: 50 Minutes
Year: June 25, 1998
Retail Price: 5,500

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