Battle Athletess Daiundoukai Volume 04



I had just written up a long description for all four volumes of the manga, explaining what I THOUGHT was happening, but noting it was all pure speculation. Unfortunately without a translation, there's no way to know for sure what's going on exactly in these books (although... er... some parts are pretty obvious ^^;).

And suddenly, while doing research for another item on this site, I stumbled across a website. A website run by a duo who take it upon themselves to translate yuri comics that have never been released in English before. A duo who has decided to translate the four Battle Athletes Daiundoukai volumes.

My new heroes.

Originally I had this page all full of spoilers, but with an English version now becoming available, I'll just link to it and let you experience the fun for yourself. Be prepared, though: while the TV series was less direct about its yuri content, the manga takes the opposite approach. If yuri isn't your thing, well... sorry!

You can find the translations BY CLICKING HERE.

Right now they are releasing it a chapter at a time, but once each tankobon is translated I'll post a not-to-spoilery summary.

Some other information on the book includes:

Made By: Dengeki Comics
Page Count: 178 Pages
Year: December 15, 1998
Yen Price: 550

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