Battle Athletess A.D. 4999 OVA Volume 03


Besides a game and two anime series, Battle Athletes has made it's way into the manga scene as well. In addition to the odd book here and there, there are two official manga series available: one based on the OVA and one based on the TV series.

This is volume three of the OVA series. While I can't read Japanese, flipping through it it appears to be practically a scene-by-scene recreation of the fifth and sixth episodes. It's even drawn in the same style that's associated with the OVA.

The only extras the manga contains are a couple of color pages of artwork and design sketches at the end.

Some other information on the book includes:

Made By: Dengeki Comics
Page Count: 162 Pages
Year: September 15, 1998
Yen Price: 560

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