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Battle Athletess Daiundoukai Akari Kanzaki
Dress Up Cel


Variety of Six Outfit Cels

Stand & Info Sheet

Back about ten years ago, I had a part in getting a few of these into collectors' hands. I found several and put them on eBay, but once they stopped being available to me, I never saw one pop up again.

Battle Athletes certainly has some unusual merchandise, but this is one of those things I never expected to see. It's a dress up cel of Akari. The main cel, which is tucked into a stiff board display, features Akari in her swimsuit. Six different cels featuring a variety of outfits come with this, which you can tuck into the board and over Akari's swimwear. It also comes with a cardboard stand so you can display it.

It's also a pretty decent size. It measures 13" tall and 9" wide.

Some other information on this item includes:

Made By: MOVIC
Size: 13" x 9"
Year: May 1998
Yen Price: 1,200

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