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These are really cool

The trading cards are my passion as well as the bane of my existence. I have spent so much money trying to get an entire set that it's ridiculous.

The trading card sets are neat. There are two sets: the Antartica School saga and the University Satellite saga. The number for the University Satellite cards picks up where the Antartica ones stopped, but the background color behind the number changes to indicate it's a different set.

There are absolutely a ton of cards, from screen shots, opening scenes, artwork, and the nifty special foil cards.

Boxes come with fifteen packs and each pack contains ten cards.

I'm taking a complete guess here based on what the box seems to say, but I'm guessing a pack retailed for 360 and you could expect to pay around 5,400 for a box of fifteen cards (when these were still being made, I remember paying around that yen price when I imported them).

Now that they're out of print, packs of the Antartica cards pop up on eBay for around $5 each and boxes go for around $70 before shipping.

The Satellite cards don't seem to show up as often, but when they do they are usually around the same price.

When I complete my sets I do plan on scanning all of them, but that's a project for another day. I'll be sure to add a link here when I do.

Some other information on this item includes:

Made By: Broccoli
Year: --
Yen Price: 360 per Pack, roughly 5,400 per Box

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