Battle Athletess Video Game Series 02 (?), Vol. 01


I apologize for the quality of the image. I do not own this to scan and had to scan a small image from a book. I will replace it once I actually own a copy of the novel.

Unfortunately I know nothing about these. I discovered their existence from a listing in an artbook, and scanned the pictures they had. These appear to be based on the video game series due to their art style.

Please note that I'm taking some wild guesses on this one. I do not know for sure if it's based on the games, and I do not know for sure if it's a second series or not. I DO know there are other novel series with older looking art that fit the game style, while this one still seems to fit the game style but has outfits that more fit the series we know.

Unfortunately until someone e-mails me information or I get ahold of a copy myself, there's little known about this novel.

Some other information on the book includes:

Made By: Dengeki G
Page Count: --
Year: --
Yen Price: --

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