Phone Cards
Battle Athletess Daiundoukai Akari Swimming
Game Phone Card


I apologize for the quality of the image. I do not own this to scan, and I could only find a small picture online. I will replace it once I actually have one or find a better image.

Phone cards are something I haven't actively gone out of my way to collect, but do pick them up when I see them at places like eBay. Unfortunately there's no way to know exactly how many are out there, although browsing Yahoo!Japan shows there are quite a few.

This is one I found off of Yahoo!Auctions, but unfortunately I don't know much about it. I think it's from the game series, but it easily could be for the oVA as well; I would need to see a larger or clearer version of the art to know. Don't be surprised if this changes from "Game" to "OVA" at some point.

An art book featuring this item confirms the year.

Some other information on this item includes:

Made By: --
Identifying Number: --
Year: 1997
Yen Price: --

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