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Please note: I cannot guarantee some of the information on this page. While some things are pretty obvious, such as the year of release or who made the item, when it comes to descriptions I'm relying solelyon Google Translate and my ability to decipher what it means. I'll do my best to provide accurate information, but I want to make clear that things could be waaaaaay off here; Google Translate isn't always accurate.

I also apologize for the weird look of the picture above. The artbook the image came from was very large and it was difficult to scan the area I needed without accidentally moving it. Apparently I had, which has caused her mouth to look a little distorted. If I find a better image or easier way of getting it, I'll be sure to replace this one. For now, though, it should be good enough to give you a clear idea of what the item looks like.

Unfortunately I have little information on this item. It was pictured in one of the Battle Athletes artbooks, which makes me think it has BA-content, just as the second one does.

Many thanks to Akemi's Anime World for the background information.

Some other information on the software includes:

Platform: Windows 95 & Macintosh
Made By: AIC Spirits
Year: 1997
Yen Price: 5,800

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