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Battle Athletess Daiundoukai: Diary of Light (University Sattelite Edition) [name unconfirmed]
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Please note: I cannot guarantee some of the information on this page. While some things are pretty obvious, such as the year of release or who made the item, when it comes to descriptions I'm relying solelyon Google Translate and my ability to decipher what it means. I'll do my best to provide accurate information, but I want to make clear that things could be waaaaaay off here; Google Translate isn't always accurate.

I also apologize for the quality of the image. I do not own this to scan, and I could only find a small picture online. I will replace it once I actually have a copy of the software.

Originally a public radio drama on "Orikasa Ai's Moonlight Cafe" in 1996, the Battle Athletes franchise eventually became a series of games, beginning with one released for the Sega Saturn. Eventually more games were released for consoles, which can easily be found at places like eBay just about every other week. What seems to be more difficult to come across, however, are software titles.

This is one of those titles I found while searching Amazon Japan. Like the proceeding set of desktop accessories, this one has wallpapers, screensavers, and a callendar, which you can save to your computer. It also, however, has mini-games on it, too! (although I don't know what kind)

Many thanks to Akemi's Anime World for the background information.

Some other information on the software includes:

Platform: Windows 95
Made By: AIC Spirits
Year: August 7, 1998
Yen Price: Unknown

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